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Dr. William Alford's Research creates Major breakthrough in Women's Health

Neuro-Behavioral Clinical Research would like to congratulate our partners at Astrellas on the approval of VEOZAH™ (fezolinetant) by the US FDA to treat symptoms of menopause. VEOZAH™ is a first-in-class treatment option to reduce the frequency and

severity of moderate to severe VMS due to menopause. Under Dr. Alford's direction, Neuro-Behavioral Clinical Research conducted the clinical trials that helped bring VEOZAH™ to market. Thank you to Astrellas, our NB research team, and Dr. Alford for working tirelessly to improve healthcare outcomes for our patients suffering from the symptoms of menopause.

Dr. William Alford is an integral part of Neuro-Behavioral Clinical Research. After an illustrious career as a physician, Dr. Alford spends his "retirement" conducting state-of-the-art clinical research at our facility. He also enjoys motorcycles & skiing in his spare time. Congratulations to Dr. Alford and his team!

Astellas' VEOZAH™ (fezolinetant) Approved by U.S. FDA with help from the work of Dr. WIlliam Alford

For more information about Dr. Alford or Neuro-Behavioral Clinical Research please contact

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