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  • What is a clinical research trial?
    A clinical trial is the scientific term for a test or study of a drug or medical devise in people. These tests are done to see whether the product is safe and effective for people to use. Doctors and other health professionals run the tests according to strict rules set by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA has established rules to make sure that people who agree to be in the studies are treated as safely as possible. Carefully conducted clinical trials are the safest and fastest way to find treatments that work, and new ways to improve health.
  • Why volunteer to join a clinical trial?
    By taking part in a clinical trial, you can try a new treatment that may or may not be better than those that already exist. You can also help others better understand how the treatment works in people of different races and genders.
  • How much will it cost to participate in a clinical trial?
    There is no cost to those who volunteer to participate in a clinical trial. Compensation may be given to participants for their time and travel.
  • Are clinical trials safe?
    The FDA works to protect participants in clinical trials and to ensure that people have reliable information as they decide whether to join a clinical trial. The federal government has regulations and guidelines for clinical research to protect participants from unreasonable risks.
  • How long do studies last?
    Clinical trials can range in length from a few weeks to one or more years. Follow-up care to achieve stabilization post-participation in a trial is available to you at no cost through our non-profit organization, Ohio Center Of Hope.
  • What do I have to do if I would like to participate in a clinical trial?
    Call Neuro Behavioral Clinical Research (330) 493-1118. We will schedule you for your free evaluation. No cost to you. No insurance needed. Transportation is available (limited area). Possible compensation for time and travel for each study visit completed. Qualifications to participate in a clinical trial is based on medical and psychological interviews and the review of specific written informed consents. In general, participants need to be in good health and not have an uncontrolled major medical illness such as diabetes, hypertension, seizures, or cancer. Following consent to participate, medical procedures such as a physical examination, laboratory tests, EKG’s will be conducted. This type of comprehensive evaluation usually takes 2-4 hours.
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