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Board of Directors

The Ohio Center for Hope is led by an experienced board of directors and a dedicated team of administrators. With their combined knowledge and expertise, they are well-positioned to take the organization to new heights of success.

Founder & CEO

Dr. Shishuka Malhotra, MD, FAPA

Shishuka Malhotra, MD is Board-Certified in Psychiatry & Neurology. She is the founder and CEO of Neuro-Behavioral Clinical Research, a top 10 CNS research site. Neuro-Behavioral Clinical Research holds a 12-bed in-patient facility. Dr. Malhotra has conducted over 600 clinical trials including in-patient and out-patient in her 20 years of experience. In her research career, Dr. Malhotra has helped to put more than 10 medications and therapies on the market. Dr. Malhotra’s passion for research began at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, where she completed her Psychiatric Residency. Her research and pharmacology fellowships were carried out at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. Dr. Malhotra has highly published research papers in reputable psychiatric journals. She regularly presents her findings at national and international scientific conferences and meetings. She is frequently asked to provide expertise regarding operations, clinical trial recruitment and design. Dr. Malhotra remains a highly active researcher and a pioneer disrupter in patient advocacy and diversity in clinical trials. With a passion advocating for individuals living with mental illness as well as being committed to increasing diversity in clinical trial participation, Dr. Malhotra serves on many boards for different organizations such as NAMI, The Alzheimer’s Association, a chair member with the The STARR Coalition to help improve diversity & inclusion in clinical trials as well as on the leadership board with CNS Summit. Because of her passion for patients, Dr. Malhotra created a non-profit organization, Ohio Center for Hope with the initiative to provide free mental health care to patients within the surrounding communities. She founded Ohio Center for Hope with the mission of expanding mental health resources throughout her localities and giving these individuals access to care at no cost. Roughly 7000 patients are treated annually through Ohio Center for Hope.

Dr. Shishuka Malhotra

Executive Vice President 

Kamya Malhotra

I‘ve grown up in Clinton, Ohio with my family. My mother’s commitment to providing mental health and memory care has always been visible to me and was significant in shaping my perspectives. It is through my mother that I learned more about the realities of mental health care and memory care for many in our local communities. I am currently a senior in high school. 

Kamya Malhotra

Board of Directors

Keith Hummel

I went to the University of Akron and obtained my Bachelor’s of Science in Labor Economics. I wanted to work in the medical field because I love to take pride in my job and NB-CR is a great place to work. Even though I don’t directly handle patient care but knowing that I am a part of an organization that helps patients, it puts a smile on my face.


I have 2 young daughters and they take up most of my time. I love to go down to my father in-laws’ cabin and spend the weekend off the grid with no cell service with my family. My wife and I love to take ours kids out on bike rides to all the local parks in the summer. Here at NB-CR, I manage the office, maintain office contracts, Human Resources and maintain facility upkeep.


Executive Secretary & Legal Counsel

John Rambacher Esq. 

John Rambacher is Legal Counsel and Executive Secretary for the Ohio Center for Hope.  In his own legal practice, John focuses on real estate sales, business planning, and contracting.  John Rambacher has significant experience with complex real estate and business organization/transactions (including tax deferred exchanges under Internal Revenue Code Section 1031).  John is also a licensed title insurance agent in Ohio. John Rambacher earned his law degree from the University of Akron School of Law where he was the Articles Editor for the Akron Law Review.  He is a member of the Ohio State and Stark County Bar. John is a member of the Plain Township, Ohio Zoning Commission, as well as a member of the finance committee at St. Paul Church in North Canton. John resides in Canton, Ohio, with his wife, Lily, having raised four children and being a grandfather of five. He enjoys traveling, hiking and “all sports.” 

John Rambacher


Danielle Heller

As a Financial Director, I oversee all areas of finance and administration including: study budget negotiations, accounts payable and receivables, cash management, banking and reconciliations, and revenue tracking. I enjoy working for a small company because you can really see the results of your work and your decisions have an impact on the operations.

Danielle Headshot



Rebecca Lemasters

Rebecca attended KSU and Belmont Universities, graduating with a Degree in Arts & Science. She has over 15 years of Medical Assisting & Business Development under her belt. Rebecca took a passionate turn toward Community Outreach. She currently serves on several Mental Health Boards including The ADAMHS Board and Equal Access Boards in her community. Bringing attention to the importance of inter-disciplinary patient care by using her voice of experience is one of her greatest achievements. She enjoys researching grant opportunities and further philanthropic opportunities. Rebecca is happy to spend her time, sharing years of service experience, consulting for Ohio Center for Hope. We welcome her as an adjunct member of our team. 

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