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With The Ohio Center For Hope!

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 Like flowers that bloom in the spring, Mental Health is a beautiful thing!

The Ohio Center for Hope is proud to partner with Neuro-Behavioral Clinical Research for our “Spring into Mental Health” Fundraiser. Now thru May 31st, donate to the Ohio Center for Hope to receive a personalized flower in our garden as well as a special ‘Thank You’ on social media! Our “Garden of Hope” will be on display in the lobby of Neuro-Behavioral Research throughout the month of May!


Just like a long day in the garden, tending to our mental health can be hard work! The Ohio Center for Hope helps our patients on their journey to mental wellness--even when the road may difficult. We provide No-Cost mental healthcare, crisis stabilization, community-based referrals, medication management and other crucial services to patients throughout the Akron/Canton area. While the garden will bring a smile to visitors’ faces, your generous donations will allow the Ohio Center for Hope to continue its mission of caring for those most in need within our community.  Please consider donating to this worthy cause. At the Ohio Center of Hope, mental health is always in season!

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