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Quitting smoking is a very hard task, especially on your own. Committing to quitting is the first step in becoming a non-smoker. There are multiple ways to try to quit smoking and using tobacco. The best thing to do is to find the proper treatment plan for you to kick the habit. There are many options to help stop smoking.


Smoking as well as second-hand smoke can all cause severe health problems such as asthma, blood clots, or even various cancers. Not only can smoking cause your body to go through harmful conditions, but it is a highly addictive habit. Controlling the urges is half of the battle.

Some people can quit with no assistance but there are medications, therapies, and other ways to overcome the cravings. Quitting smoking cold turkey only works for about 6% of people who use this method. Therapy is another way to quit smoking. Finding the right therapist or counselor to work with can make the quitting process a lot easier. How does this help? You can work through certain smoking triggers and break the habit. Nicotine replacement therapy is another go-to for those interested in quitting smoking. There are nicotine inhalers, sprays, gum, and patches to cease the cravings of a tobacco product. There are even a few medications on the market to alleviate addiction and withdrawal symptoms.

The best way to quit smoking is to use more than one of these remedies at a time. Finding the right method for you, your body, and your mind is the first step to becoming a non-smoker. Finding your support system is highly encouraged as well. It is much easier for individuals who are trying to quit smoking to have friends and family on their side. For help quitting smoking contact us at Neuro-Behavioral Clinical Research.



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