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Clinical Research is for Everyone!

Updated: Apr 29

June is the month that we celebrate uniqueness in humanity. Whether we're at an LGBTQ+ Pride festival or a Juneteenth gathering, June is a time to honor diversity, inclusion, & accessibility in all its forms. At Neuro-Behavioral Clinical Research, we support the local communities and national organizations that advance equality everyday. Clinical Researchers have made enormous strides to be more inclusive-- and NBCR & Dr. Malhotra are leading the way! This June, our Community Outreach Director Molly Little sat down with Mallory

Mercer of the STARR Coalition to discuss the challenges and successes that have been made to increase minority-participation in clinical trials. In this podcast, Molly and Mallory also share inclusive resources to provide support along your journey to mental wellness.

Thank you to Dr. Shishuka Malhotra, the staff of Neuro-Behavioral Research, and the dedicated team at the Ohio Center for Hope for supporting Stark County & Akron Pride Festivals along with numerous Juneteenth events throughout Northeast Ohio.

For more information about having NB Clinical Research or the Ohio Center for Hope at your event, please contact

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