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Barbershop Talk: The Legend of "Fame City Kut n Kurl"

The name of this write-up is tied to one of the most legendary places in Canton, Ohio! I am not just saying this because this was my dad’s business, I’m saying this, because this was his legacy. This barbershop that he owned did a lot of things for the African American community. Not only did it provide employment, and also A-1 service to many people, and African American professionals in the community but it also served as a launchpad for many young men to come into that space on a weekly to bi weekly basis, and get their haircut. This was not the only thing provided there. People were able to come away every time they left there with an improved image of self every week.

Sometimes the road could be tough, and life difficult for many of our friends in that community however, this was a safe space where jokes could be cracked, life lessons taught, education provided, and sports opinions heard. You also got a great haircut at the same time. The importance of the African American Barbershop goes back for decades in the African American community. To understand the importance of the shop you also have to understand what a simple haircut can do for someone, from someone needing a cut for a job interview , a first date, senior pictures a prom, a wedding, or you just want to look, and feel good about yourself. All of these are self esteem boosters, and help aid in the improvement of how one perceives themselves. The haircuts have done so much, and continue do so much. To the barbershops out there now keep going and keep providing excellent service to so many on different levels. Keep going!

About the Author: Jamon Thompson is a Clinical Coordinator at Neuro-Behavioral Research. His career in mental health and advocacy began at a young age, watching his father work in his barbershop. Jamon is from the city of Canton originally and specializes in treatment resistant clients. He is an invaluable member of the NBR team. For more on this article, contact Jamon at

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